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Experience true decentralization with Funel, offering a more resilient and reliable platform free from central points of failure.

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The Next Era of Data Security: Blockchain.

Decentralization is definitely the way of the future, no question about it. When we were in the early stages of developing Funel, we had a bunch of options to choose from, but we went with blockchain technology. Why? Because the decentralized nature of Funel just knocks out those typical single points of failure. It's way tougher against cyber threats and data breaches.

We safeguard your information by using a top-tier encrypted security measures like 256-bit encryption level (that’s the same grade used by banks, by the way) and we regularly update our systems for optimal cybersecurity. We're like the sleepless security guard who's always on duty - because your peace of mind is our top priority.

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Your Success is Our Metric

We measure our success by the success and satisfaction of our customers, not by sales targets.

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Funel's Journey
Jun 12 2014
When we started operations
1 Client
Jun 10 2015
The Sucess in just one year
15 new Clients
Jun 12 2023
Where we stand today
57 Client's
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Success Stories

Join a community of successful marketing companies that have transformed their operations with Funel.

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Tailored Solutions

Highly Customizable

This platform is all about customizability. You can mold it to your unique needs and create personalized experience for your clients.

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Your Support System

24X7 Support

Funel provides continuous customer support and training resources, and our CRM coaches are always on standby, ready to help.

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Building Trust, Delivering Results

Real Time Updates

Real-time updates, detailed campaign insights, and transparent communication channels - all come together to developing lasting relationships built on trust and results.

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We Hate Spams

Spam Checker

Helps in identifying and avoiding spam content. This increases the deliverability and effectiveness of communications.

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