The Power of Funel CRM

Funel is a battle tested tool. It's intelligent, efficient, and user-friendly. Jump on board and experience how Funel simplifies your client and employee management

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Connecting Clients

Funel's dashboard is the personal command center for your clients, where they can track campaign progress and real-time updates, compare results, analyze data, manage appointments or posts, check invoices, communicate, and view weekly reports.

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Seamless Connectivity

The Funel Chat system is an encrypted tool that connects your employees with clients. It's a real-time and user-friendly tool, allowing your employees to communicate with their clients without the hassle of bouncing between emails and messaging apps.

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Invoices Made Simple

We've streamlined the entire process of creating, sending, and managing invoices. This tool makes it easy for you to create invoices and directly send them to your clients. They'll appreciate the convenience, and you'll love how quickly it works.

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Buyer Persona Creator

Funel Buyer Persona Creator is an amazing tool that helps your employees deeply understand any target market and create professional personas for clients. They'll love the drag-and-drop interface that makes personalizing these personas super easy.

Real Time Updates

The client dashboard allows your clients to track real-time updates, progress and insights about the campaign. They can use multiple filters and graphs to compare the data.

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Reports Management

The Reports Management System allows your employees to send weekly reports to their clients. We've simplified the process, making it convenient for your clients to receive their weekly reports and for your employees to create weekly reports.

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Instant Connection

Funel's encrypted chat system bridges the gap between your employees and clients. It's a great tool for sharing files, voice notes, and having smooth, effective conversations.

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Decentralized Solution

Concerned about security and privacy? Don't be. We safeguard your information by using decentralized technology and 256-bit encryption level (that’s the same grade used by banks, by the way) and we regularly update our systems for optimal cybersecurity. We're like the sleepless security guard who's always on duty.

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Funel's Buyers Guide

We have created a comprehensive resources document so our clients can learn everything about our system. This Resources document will help you understand and implement Funel solutions in your business. We also have dedicated CRM coaches who will assist you with onboarding and resolving any issues. Contact us today for a free demo.

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Empower your employees

We understand that your employees are the backbone of your company, and it's really important to empower them with the right tools. That's exactly what we do. Funel's smart tools, such as a buyer personas creator, Spam Checker, AI assistant, Campaign progress tracker, and a Report Management System, are designed to make their job easy.

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We value your money

We understand the value of money, and we've put our heart and soul into developing Funel to add value to your business. It took us years of R&D to develop Funel. Every feature, interaction, and click is designed with the end-user in mind. Give Funel a try for 7 days, and if you don't feel the difference, you can cancel anytime. It's 100% risk-free.