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Step -1 Data Collection

20% work

The first step of any business is to collect project requirements from its clients. Most of the time, businesses use Zoho Forms, Google Forms, or emails for this purpose. However, it becomes hectic when there are too many forms to deal with. To assist in this step, we have developed the Funels Requirements Panel, which simplifies the process of collecting all information related to your clients' target markets.

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Step -2 Sending Proposal

40% work

Now that you have collected the requirements, what's next? It's time to send a proposal. We have this tool called Funel's Proposal Creator, which is very helpful in creating professional proposals for your clients. It takes less than 5 minutes to create a professional and personalized proposal.

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Step -3 Onboarding New Client

60% work

The next step is client onboarding, which is the first impression of your business relationship with that client. We've developed our onboarding system to be exceptionally efficient, allowing you to onboard a new client in less than a minute and assign the project to your team with just a few clicks. Our aim is for clients to experience a 'WOW' moment as soon as they open their dashboard

funel sales tool

Step -4 Sending First Invoice

100% done

Now that your new client is part of your family, the next step is to send the first invoice. It’s incredibly easy: simply navigate to the invoices section, click on 'Create Invoice', enter the necessary details, and voila – it's on its way. Your client can conveniently view the invoice in real-time, make payments, and even download it for their records.

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Tracking Progress


Sit back and relax. With our smart tool, your clients will stay informed and connected, receiving real-time updates on campaign progress. Your employees will have access to all the necessary tools to make their jobs easy. We have taken care of every single detail while developing our tool to make your job easy.

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Never Stop Learning


We never stop learning new things. We are always focused on adding new features to our tool to make it more secure, convenient, and cost-effective for our clients. We also challenge our teams to constantly enhance their skills, so we can provide our clients with the best possible service every day.