The True strength of our company lies in our people

Our team isn't just part of the company - they are the company. So when we say the true strength of our company lies in our people, we mean every word of it.


It's time to meet
The brains behind Funel.

honest nature of the company


We always see the glass is always half full. We're eternal optimists, not just about our product, but about everything. Where others see problems, we see opportunities.

competency quality of every employee


We're here to listen, understand, and then solve. You know, like that go-to friend who's always there with smart, creative solutions? That's us, but for your business.

empowerment of funel employees

Consistently Reliable

You need a team you can count on, right? We're that team. We make promises and keep them. When you're counting on us, we're there – no ifs, buts, or maybes.

efficiency in company management

Friendly Support

We're real people talking to real people. You won't find rehearsed scripts here – just genuine conversations, sincere advice, and the occasional dad joke.

We begin with creativity &
end with innovation.

Problem Solving

Our development team loves to tackle your business problems and find solutions. You bring the challenges; we'll bring the solutions. We turn complexities into simplicities and chaos into clarity.


Grey in our world is like that reliable, old friend who's always got your back. This color represents our promise that no matter how complex your business needs are, we're here.

Ownership and Trust

This color shows how much we value your trust. We know you're counting on us, and we will never let you down. We are always here for you.

Honest Approach

This color represents accountability. It reminds us that every team member, be it a developer or designer, has an important role in our clients' success.

Product Designer
Product Manager

Funel: Where Mondays
Spark Joy

Meet the Funel crew: a bunch of go-getters and dreamers who turn 'just another day at the office' into something pretty amazing. We're here because we believe in what we do, and we're excited to share that journey with you.

We're the kind of people who get excited about Mondays (crazy, right?). Because for us, it's another chance to dive into what we love – helping you. In our office, you won't find any stiff suits or corporate speak. Instead, you'll find us brainstorming over a cup of coffee, sharing laughs, and genuinely getting excited about finding new ways to keep you connected with your clients.

Funel Work

We really focus on creating a supportive environment where everyone feels happy and valued. It's about building strong, healthy relationships among colleagues, which is key to success. We believe in working to live, not living to work. This mindset really shapes our workplace.